Testimonials - Chamberlain Veterinary Services

My association with Phil Chamberlain was during our involvement in the Subtropical Dairy Program. As the Program Manager, he exhibited outstanding interpersonal skill to coordinate the activities of members from very different background and world views. I believe Phil was exceptional in this position, and I don’t believe anyone else could have done a better job; his patience, tolerance, perseverance, conciliatory skills and knowledge of the industry and research made this possible.
Bill Fulkerson, Manager - Future Dairy Project and Dairy Consultant
I worked with Philip in the development of DairySabah, a project to improve all aspects of dairy production in Sabah, Eastern Malaysia. Philip was the driving force behind the project and successfully developed an innovative Dairy Development project for the Government of Sabah.
Mick Tierney - Genetics Consultant
Philip Chamberlain performed a key management role during the 2007-08 equine influenza response, which was the largest exotic animal disease eradication program in Australia's history. Philip effectively managed the vaccination section which was one of the operational areas critical to the success of the program.
Ron Glanville, Chief Biosecurity Officer - Biosecurity Queensland
Chamberlain Veterinary Services Pty Ltd has shown a remarkable ability to develop and implement Change Management programs that have successfully transformed industries and organisations to progress in the face of major change. This includes assisting the Dairy Industry in North Australia, to manage deregulation and the University of Queensland’s School of Veterinary Science to relocate to the Gatton Campus and achieve international accreditation.
Tim Dalmau, Management Consultant - Dalmau Network Group
Chamberlain Veterinary Services have provided professional expertise and leadership in the development of the DairySabah project that will develop the East Malaysian dairy industry to world standard.
AwangSahakSalleh, Director Department of Veterinary Services and Animal Industries
- Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries Sabah, Malaysia
I have worked with Chamberlain Veterinary Services for many years and have observed the company’s strong influence in the development of the Northern Dairy industry, through their management abilities and collaborative approach to dairy industry development projects, as well as their innovative industry training and extension programs.
Dr Bill Tranter, Director - Tableland Veterinary Service